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This notice provides a privacy policy regarding the nature, purpose, use, and sharing of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected via this website. You can use most of my sites without giving away any personal data. However, there are some special cases that require a tiny bit of personal information (e.g. a valid e-mail address is needed for ilias or oebook registration) that will be seen as given on a voluntary basis. All data will be encrypted during transfer and no data will given away without consent of the owner.

I am using Piwik/Matomo (a self-hosted and opensource web analytics tool) throughout my sites to gather usage statistics which will only be used for optimization purposes. This implies setting a cookie and collecting Information about visitors (including an anonymized IP address).

You can fully deactivate data recording here(if your browser supports “do-not-track” technology and you have turned it on, your visit will be automatically ignored).

Some pages offer social-media-plugins interacting with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Xing. To use the plugins you will have to enable them explicitly (click one of the Buttons - see Shariff Social-Media-Buttons protectiong private data). The owner of this website is not responsible for data sent to one of the services mentioned.

All data will be deleted when it is not required any more (unless deleting would be illegal, in which case access will be put beyond use).

If you disagree to giving any data away, you can simply opt out - just tell me and all your data will be erased or rendered inaccessible.

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